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90-05 Mazda Miata suspension and driveline

Control arm bushings and kits


Delrin standard control arm bushing kits


Delrin bushings in 16 of 22 locations and polyurethane bushings with bronze bearings in the remiaing 6. Kits include all necessary bushings, steel sleeves, grease fittings, bearings and washers where applicable. All bushings are black (depsite the image).
Install instructions


Polyurethane control arm bushing bronze bearing retrofit kit


Low friction bronze bearing retrofit kit for Energy suspension and Prothane bushing kits. Eliminates the high roational friction and squeaks associated with poly bushings. Kit includes steel sleeves, SAE863 bearings and grease fitting for all 22 bushing locations, as well as stainless steel load spreading washers for the camber bolt locations. As of July 19' all steel sleeves are black oxide coated for corrosion resistance and increased lubricity! 
As seen on The Car Passion Channel with Greg Peters
Install instructions


Rear upper control arm outer (RUCA-O) spherical kit


Spherical bearing sleeve kit for the RUCA-O location, which is a particularly troublesome location on the miata. Includes 2 sleeves, 2 snap rings, 4 spacers, 4 seals, and a tube of retaining compound. Requires 2, AIB-10T spherical bearings. 


Offset delrin front lower control arm bushings


Offset delrin bushings installed in the front location of the FLCA, for increased camber. Includes 2 bushings, 2 steel sleeves, 2 grease fittings and 2 extra locking screws. You will need a 1/4-28 tap for the grease fittings and locking screws.


Custom bushing sets or custom offsets  and bushings for non OEM control arms.


We can make just about any combiniation of bushings you'd like, and offset just about any location for your needs, we also offer some locations for V8R arms. Please contact us for custom bushings.



Delrin differential bushings


Delrin diff bushings, available as just upper "tophat bushings" or uppers and lowers. Uppers replace the rubber bushings in the diff housing, leaving the lower rubber ring, retaining a little bit of compliance between the diff and subframe. Lowers replace the rubber ring on the lower "mouting plate" and firmly sandwhich the diff between the 2 metal mounting surfaces, rigidly connecting it to the subframe. You will have to burn or scrape the rubber off this plate to install lowers. $60 for a pair of uppers, $90 for a pair of uppers and lowers.


MR2 rear conversion hubs for 90-05 Miata


MR2 hubs machined to be a direct bolt on for all 90-05 Miatas. Thicker flange and more generous radii make for a stronger rear hub. Uses stock miata rear wheel bearing. Please note: 2003 and up miatas do not use a rear wheel seal and will bind if installed, please indicate if you have a 2003+ miata or axles when ordering. 
-Pair of hubs with generic wheel seals is $160.
-ARP exteneded length studs, pressed in, add $80.
-Timken wheel bearing pair add $50.
-Timken wheel seals add $12.

All products sold for offraod use only.