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SADfab started as kind of a joke between 3 members of a forum,, in 2015. Sean, Aidan and "Deezums", form the acronym SAD, and we just plopped fab on the end like everyone else does for: SADfab. We collaborated on a few projects and started getting asked by others to duplicate our efforts for their cars and SADfab was born. Since then we have lost Deezums and it is now just Sean and Aidan, but SAfab just does'nt sound as cool. We soley run this website, manufacture or contract out the manufacture of our products, answer emails, etc, in our spare time as this is a second job for both us. We are a tiny operation with most of our products being pumped out of 1 space of a 2 car garage.  We aim to offer high performance products at a reasonable price and to pass on the knowledge we gain developing our products. We thank everyone who has helped us and supported us over the last few years.

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All products sold for offraod use only.