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Custom 3D printyed radio delete plates


NB radio delete plate (tester needed for final design) $50+

99-05 Radio delete plate. You tell us the hole sizes and locations for your cutom items like gauges, ecu data ports, switches, USB chargers, etc and we can custom design and 3D print one for your needs. We can even add recessed text in most cases. Black ABS uless otherwise requested, includes hardware and requires removing the little "cross-bar" underneath the radio on NB models. Keep weight in mind, and text size when thinking about your layout and rememeber that this is a 3D printed part and will show "print lines" on the finished product. Can be painted to improve appearance. Prices depend upon design complexity and starts at $50.


NA6 and NA8 in development

Nothing to see here! yet.

All products sold for offraod use only.