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3D printed Kia VTPS bracket 


For 1.6L Miatas with aftermarket ECU $15

The original SADfab 3D printed bracket to use a plug and play Kia variable TPS on 1.6L miatas with an aftermarket ECU. The OEM miata TPS connector plugs right into the KIia TPS and does not require rewiring in most cases. Includes one bracket printed in black ABS, and stainless steel hardware used in addition to the OEM hardware for installion.

Kia TPS interchange part numbers-  0K01118911, 0K24718911, 0K30A18911, TH291, 5S5504, TPS4185, TH0254, 1580486, 2001332

Kia TPSs for sale

Wiring information


Ensure your TPS is wired per the diagram before applying power to the ECU and TPS. Failure to do so could result in blowing your reference voltage fuse or circuit.


The Kia TPS has 3 pins. The middle one is automaticlaly connected to ground, or pin "C" of connector 2 on the OEM ECU connector. It is connected to chassis ground through the harness in the engine bay and should not be modified regardless of what ECU you have or it could cause damage!

Your ECU will have a reference voltage output and a TPS input. Ensure that the reference voltage output pin of your ECU corresponds to pin "L" on connector 2 on the OEM ECU connector, and that the TPS signal input pin of your ECU corresponds to pin "N" on connector 1 on the OEM ECU connector. You can pull pins and rearrange as necesaary, cut and splice wires, or wire your adapter harness accordingly. Consult your ECUs manual for pin compatibility. Most Megasquirt plug and play units are wired correctly for this TPS.

All products sold for offraod use only.